When you’ve been making friends and meeting up for walks in the dog community, you realise that there is always one doggo that steals the show and attract ALL the attention ;-).

All dogs are awesome, but there is something about a larger than life dog, or a breed that people don’t see often that attract crowds and hands full of pats. My friends Lexi and Skylah have this ‘problem’, Rufus I’m sure you’ve seen around Auckland too, same as Koda the first BMD (Bernese Mountain Dog) I’ve photographed.

The thing with these star attention attracters, is that they are the biggest softies, gentle dogs, and I reckon I lose my heart on each and every single one of them when I get to spend time with them as the dog photographer in Auckland.

I love photographing pets, but some dogs are just so much harder for me to photograph because I just want to pet them and hug them the ENTIRE time.

Luckily I focussed (ha, ha) just enough on making the photographs on my shootlist with Koda. He gives some of the best hugs!

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These are some of my favourite photographs from this dog and owner family photoshoot

We also made a flower crown photograph for Courtney like my experiment over here.

Courtney and Brook, thank you for coming all the way from Hamilton for your dog photoshoot in Hobsonville Point. I loved making these for you.

Watch the behind the scenes video during their photoshoot in Auckland.

Love, Salome

Courtney’s hair and makeup by Niki Adlington

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