You want to know about dog photography and having your pooch’s photo taken in Auckland. In this blog post I answer all the most frequently asked questions and explain how a makeover photoshoot with your dog works. I answer everything I could think of, products, prints, dog photoshoot costs, hair and makeup, if you’re only after digitals, if you only want photos of your dog, not you, the type of photographs I take, how the photo reveal works, how to pay, pet photography packages, shooting on weekdays, weekends and many more. If your question isn’t covered in any of these, shoot me mail/ DM!

FAQ about dog photography in Auckland

I want professional photos of my dog but MY DOG won’t ever sit still.

I hear this all the time. In fact, it’s the number one objection I hear from my clients. Have a look at the dog photos on my home page. None of those dogs sat still, except the black doggy on the pink chair. :-) Especially not the big white poodle that’s my hero image. Henri was on my lap a lot more than what he was in front of me ;-). I only need a split second that your dog is sitting/ standing looking my way to create that portrait for you. I have tips and tricks up my sleeve of things I do and how I set up the shots that help me create the images my clients love. Some past clients say I have the patience of a saint. So with lots of patience, toys, treats and funny sounds get that shot you desire. Remember, when we are taking photographs of dogs, we’re expecting things of them they don’t usually do. For a dog it’s not a very natural thing to sit and have their portrait taken. So we keep it fun for them with lots of positive reinforcement, cuddles and play too!

What is a Yellow Lab dog and makeover photo shoot?

I'm a pet photographer, but I photograph people WITH their dogs. I bring a trusted professional hair and makeup artist with me to the photoshoot so that you look and feel absolutely gorgeous when you share the spotlight with your dog.

Hair and makeup is for one, but the whole family is welcome. Hair and makeup for more than one person is available on request and can easily be arranged before hand.

I take photographs of your dog on his/her own, but also some of you together to capture your special and unique bond. I love how the dog and owner photos show that your dog is so loved and a huge part of the family.

What does dog photography cost?

You pay a booking fee of $200 and that covers your 2-3 hour photoshoot, $150 print credit and hair and make up for one. You choose your favourite photographs two weeks after at your photo reveal.

There is no extra charge for more than one dog.

Do you photograph cats or other animals?

Sometimes cats are part of the shoot, or the whole photo shoot too. If you have a furry pal that’s not in dog/ cat-egory, email me and let’s chat about it. I have photographed ducks and bunnies in the past.

Where is your studio?

I will travel to your home that is within 15 km of the Auckland CBD. I bring my gear, lights, backdrop stand, makeup artist and everything else necessary for the shoot. If you don't live within 15 km of Auckland CBD or you'd prefer to come to me, I have a home studio in Hobsonville Point. 


Do you do studio pet photography or shoot natural light on location?

I do both! There is two parts to the photo shoot:

1. Studio type shots with different backgrounds and outfit changes

My photography style is fashion inspired and I'll guide you into different poses to show your best beautiful sides. It's my job to make you look good.

2. Outdoor lifestyle type photographs

Once the 'studio' type photos are out the way, you change into something a little more comfortable and we go for a walk close by or simply around the neighbourhood to get more casual less posed, yet stylish, portraits of your amazing friendship and bond. These photos usually work best at a place that has a special meaning for you and your pet, like the beach, your favourite park or even shopping in Queen street. We have no limits and pushing the boundaries is sometimes advised. The beauty of it is that I have some amazing places of my own, if you can't think of any, and we chat about what location will make you and your furbaby shine. 

Now that the photo session is done, do you post a sneak peek?

No. The first time you see your photographs will be at your photo reveal once they have been edited and the best ones printed. If you follow my Instagram stories, you might spot a part of one of your photographs while I’m editing/ downloading / making the matted prints.

What is the photo reveal?

Two weeks after your photoshoot, we meet up again where you will see your images for the first time. The best 20 photographs will be printed and matted and you will choose which of your images you want to buy or have enlarged. I offer framed prints, mounted prints, collections and folio boxes. My images start at $150 each and wall art prices start at $260. For every print you buy, you receive the matching digital file. You buy only the images you love. When you buy six or more photographs you get the foliobox.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy and there is no minimum spend. It is entirely up to you. You decide when you see the photos.

I accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and if necessary we can work out a payment plan. The photographs that are not lucky enough to be purchased, are kept safe for a year if you change your mind and would like to purchase more. 

If the package that you choose includes an enlargement or artmount to hang on the wall, it takes 4 to 5 weeks to have it made.

What other products do you have?

I offer matted prints (with or without a folio box), framed matted prints in black or white, matted enlargements, artmounts, video slideshow of your experience and gift prints.

What is a gift print?

A gift print is an exact copy, same size with matt, of a photograph you bought for $150. I offer 3 gift prints for $50. So of all the photographs you bought at your reveal, you can have more printed to gift to family or loved ones. Family photographs & mom and daughter photographs are a favourite for gift prints.

What if I only want digitals? 

I offer prints and digitals. For every matted print, you get the matching digital file. When you buy the Man’s Best Friend package, you receive all the outtakes that didn’t make it to print. This is a popular option if you’d like a lot of photographs to post on your Instagram.

How long do you keep the photos for?

If you want to come back for a photograph you didn’t buy at your photo reveal, I keep all the photographs for a year.

I want to do this with my dog but don’t have a lot of wall space

I offer matted prints, folioboxes, collections and artmounts. you can frame the matted prints yourself, but if you’re not ready for it to be on the wall, when you buy six or more prints, you receive a foliobox to keep them safe. The foliobox can be kept out of the way in your bookcase or displayed proudly on the coffee table. For every print you buy, you also get the matching digital file, so you'll have the digital to enjoy and share on social media. It could be your new favourite lockscreen on your phone that makes you smile every time you see it.

Why do you photograph dogs/ animals with flower wreaths?

I was inspired by the French photographer Sophie Gamand to photograph dogs with flowers. She photographs pitbulls with flower crowns to break the stigma of pitbulls being vicious dogs and to help some in rescues be adopted. She is a real inspiration of mine.

The first time I made a flower wreath for a doggo, my client loved it! It’s a fun way to work in a surprising element into a dog photograph with your favourite colour. I custom design each photo shoot, so no two are alike. When we start chatting about your photo session, I ask your favorite colour or the colours you love for your lounge. For every dog photo shoot, I make a new flower wreath for each dog. There is magic in these wreaths that come alive when I paint them with my lights, you will love them.

Do you only shoot weekday mornings?

Yes. Most people take a sneaky day/ morning off work and go out for lunch or cocktails afterwards.

If you’d like to have a makeover photoshoot with your dog, but can only do weekends, I have the option of booking a weekend session in my online shop. It’s the same experience but at a higher price. My trusted and professional hair and makeup artists cost a lot more over weekend hours because this is the time do they do bridal makeup.

For your photo reveal, we’ll meet on a weekday morning / over lunch close to your place of home/ work. We’ll only need an hour for your photo reveal.

What if I only want photos of my dog and none of me?

Your booking fee covers your photoshoot, $150 print credit AND hair and makeup for one. Your hair and makeup will be paid for, so you might as well have it done. It’s a treat my clients love. Most people make plans after because they look amazing with their hair and makeup done professionally. You choose the photographs you want after your photoshoot, so if you don’t like any of the photographs with you in it, you don’t buy them.

What often happens, is ladies bring their mothers or daughters with to the photoshoot and pay $50 for one extra hair and makeup. It’s a fun girls time out. That way we also take a mom & daughter photograph that is always one of the favourites.

This is something super fun to do for a birthday or close to mother’s day or to simply celebrate having an amazing mum/ daughter while you’re here for a pet photoshoot. The print of this makes a beautiful gift both of you will treasure. I’d love to have a gorgeous photograph of my mom and I together…

I’m shy / don’t like photos of myself…

With social media, we’re under such pressure to be perfect and beautifully crafted and curated the whole time that it’s much easier not to want to be in the spotlight at all.

We are SO hard on ourselves to be perfect. And we think that if we’re not perfect, we’re not beautiful.

It makes me so sad that you would look at a photograph of yourself, be it a selfie/ the mirror/ the back of the camera and not see the beautiful lady smiling back at me. We really need to practise self acceptance and self love. I offer an in house hair and makeup service to help you look and feel beautiful, but you know, you are beautiful before the hair and makeup artist even touches you.

One of the things that translate exceptionally well on camera is confidence. If you have to fake it a little bit, that’s fine too. When you sit up nice and tall and smile at me with confidence, that’s when we take the photographs you are going to love. Try the confidence trick next time you take a selfie.

There will be music playing, light refreshments, and you’re having fun with new friends and in the mean time we’re making a few photographs.

When I realise that you’re really uneasy in front of the camera, I use a few different poses where you’re not necessarily looking at me smiling, but interacting with your doggo so we still get to document that deep and strong bond you have.

PLUS, if you really dislike the photographs of yourself, you’re under no pressure to buy them at your photo reveal.

How do I pay?

You can pay your booking fee or prepay your chosen package in my online store.

When you pay at the photo reveal, I will have a small mobile card reader from my bank that I hook up to my iPhone. I accept debit and credit cards. And if necessary can work out a payment plan. But in cases of paying by payment plan, you’ll receive your prints and digitals only after the last payment has been made.

I want to gift a photoshoot to my partner / daughter / friend / dog lover

Select the booking fee / package you’d like to gift them and email me right after. I’ll send you a digital card you can send the lucky recipient or, if there’s a few days’ / week’s time, I can send you a beautiful printed card you can give them with the news of their amazing dog photoshoot gift. I have a dog with flowers or Christmas theme dog card you can choose from. Alternatively, you can give me the message to write inside the card and I’ll post it straight to them.

If you have a question not covered here, leave a comment or flick me a mail to

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