Yellow Lab photography products

I'm a photographer, who specialise in photographing dogs (and at times cats or newborn babies). Today I want to show you some of the beautiful products I can create for you from the photographs we take at your photo shoot and how you can display them in your beautiful home.

1. Matted print

The matted print is a 10x8 (about A4) photograph in an 11x14 (A3-ish) size matt. Your print with matt will fit any standard 11x14 size frame that you have/ can buy. Custom framing is available.

People sometimes tell me that they don’t have a lot of wall space. What they do, is buy their favourites, and display 2 while storing the others in a safe place. They like to swop out the photographs from time to time when they feel like changing around the decor. For every matted print you buy you receive the matching digital file so you’ll be able to show off your beautiful portraits all over social media.

The more you buy, the less you pay per print. When you buy 6 or more you receive the folio box.

2. Folio box

The 11x14 handmade black folio box is the perfect keepsake for your bookcase or coffee table to store some or all of your favourite photographs from your magazine style photo session. Outside has a unique black texture on the lid and the box itself is lined with suede.

3. Artmount

Artmount is a product that has been invented and designed right here in Auckland New Zealand. I have artmounts made for my clients instead of canvasses because the print quality on an artmount compared to canvas is superior. An artmount is lightweight and easy to hang on the wall. It is a gorgeous print mounted on to strong and rigid polystyrene and laminated with UV protected matt laminate. 40mm thickness.

The colour of the sides will change to compliment/ match the photograph. Usually white, off-white or black.

These contemporary artmounts are ready to hang, but if you’d like, they can be framed.

4. Gift prints

So, technically this one won’t be displayed in YOUR home, because it’s a gift print. It’s such a popular product I have to tell you about it. It is any of the photographs you purchased as a matted print. It is exactly the same size (10x8 photo in a 11x14 matt) that you can gift to family. Most popular for these are family photographs or mum & daughter photos.

Click here for your own magazine style photoshoot in Auckland New Zealand. I would love to send you my info magazine and start talking about celebrating your dog furbaby with a photo shoot.