I joined the Auckland Golden Retriever club on a dog walk this past weekend. It’s been a sad few days in New Zealand, but after spending time with this happy bunch, my spirit’s lifted to see the beautiful and happy in the world.

How can you not, at the sight of 50 goldens, happy wagging tails, just happy to be out for a walk in one of the most beautiful places in Auckland, One Tree Hill. (This is by far one of my favourite shoot locations!)

Thank you to the Golden Retriever Club Auckland for having me. It was such a pleasure. I was photographing one goldie, and while I’m trying to make a photo, another wiggled his head into my arms for a cuddle. Oh the love! I said to him/ her, I don’t even know you, but I love you so much you beautiful creature. Jump into my arms any day.

These are my favourite photographs taken on the walk.

See more photos in my Facebook album - if you had your doggy photographed yesterday and would love the high res photograph, shoot me mail at salome@yellowlab.co.nz

How amazing!?

Watch the video to get a good idea of the happiness.

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It is a pamper experience my clients love.

Have an amazing week!

Chat soon,
- Salomé