How does the saying go from Forest Gump? Life is like a box of chocolates…. Well, I say, photographing cats is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. I’ll be honest, photographing cats is HARD at times. Yet, I photograph them because I know how much joy and sheer delight my photographs can bring the owners.

Which is exactly the case with Mrs P. She didn’t fall for my cat trap (see the behind the scenes video) like most cats do, but I came up with a creative way to photograph her and got some epic shots!

Yes, kitty is sitting on Reece’s lap, Reece is hiding under a blanket so we can get photographs of Mrs P on her own ;-P I’m dedicated to making THE shot for you and to keep animals happy and comfortable while doing it.

These are my favourites from their photoshoot.

Their artmount is epic! I wonder where they’ll hang it. *hint hint Kerry, please send me a photo of it up on the wall.

See some of the outtakes in their video.

Watch the behind the scenes video during their photoshoot at home.

Love, Salome

Kerry’s hair and makeup by Made Up by Ruth

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