If you follow Koda on instagram @kodatheaustralianshepherd, you’ll know just how special Koda and Alyssa’s bond and friendship is! Alyssa and Koda compete in Obedience and Rally Obedience and train in tracking, flyagility and tricks.

Even in my line of work as dog photographer, I have not met a more connected pair and stimulated dog! Koda and Alyssa are constantly training - the level of tricks they do is mind blowing. It’s hard to believe Koda is Alyssa’s first dog ever. You can tell, the attention and love Alyssa and Koda gives they are BEST friends.

I love the love between dogs and their people, and to be able to capture that for you, makes my work incredibly rewarding.

I also love how the red parts in Koda’s fur compliments Alyssa hair colour. They are twinning without even trying.

Alyssa brought her mom with to their dog and owner photoshoot, so we also had her hair and makeup professionally done. Koda LOVES her grandma as she always gives her treats. It was really special to get beautiful photographs of Louise with Koda too and a portrait of the 3 of them together as well.

These were my favourites from their Yellow Lab dog photoshoot at Hobsonville Point.

Hair and makeup by Niki Adlington.

If you’d like to have an experience like this beautiful pair did, get in touch and let’s set it up. Read more here about the experience or my most FAQ. An experience like this is spot on if you’d like to treat yourself OR it’s a gift for her / anniversary / gift for dog lover or even mothersday gift my clients love.