This photo session was two of my favourite genres to photograph! A new baby AND a family with their dog!

It is so special to make these photographs and beautiful new family portraits for Leon and Bronwyn at one of the most special times, to celebrate the birth of their baby girl Stella.

Their photo session was so typical of a new family. ;-) The sleep deprivation of new parents is horrible and I know the effort it takes to keep your new baby safe and sound, even if just in the survival mode first days. So I take my job incredibly seriously when parents visit me with their few day new baby to create these portraits for them in Hobsonville Point.

Coffee and drinks of water is flowing, lots of cupcake and bliss ball snacks, a comfy spot to nurse baby in my friendly home environment and they could even fall asleep on the couch while I photograph baby on her own.

Bronwyn’s hair and makeup was done by one of my trusted fellow mom hair and makeup artists, right before she joined the spotlight with her family.

The Evans family knew my love for photographing dogs, so I’m delighted they expressed interest in bringing Henry their schnauzer. In typical new parent haze, bless them, Henry missed his groom appointment before the session so he’s a little scruffy. ;-)

But you know what? I reckon it’s so cool to have a beautiful portrait of their new family, all four of them.

The Evans’ actually chose to enlarge the black and white photograph of Henry the dog. It’s going to look amazing on the wall.

Bronwyn grew up on a rose farm, so it’s so neat to have baby girl in a wreath of pink and blush (the colours in her bedroom) roses and peonies.

PS A favourite bunny toy in her digital birth announcement photograph.

Stella’s complimentary digital birth announcement by @yellowlabnewbornbaby.

Stella’s complimentary digital birth announcement by @yellowlabnewbornbaby.

These were my favourites from their Yellow Lab new baby and dog photoshoot.

Bronwyn’s hair and makeup by Made Up by Ruth.

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Hair and makeup is included for both of these kind of photo sessions and is an experience my clients love.