It’s the beginning of the year and just about everybody’s back at work or easing into the new year. But first, I can’t go into the new year without reflecting on 2018, so I'm celebrating and looking back at my favourite pieces of artworks and wall art that I have created during my Yellow Lab dog photography sessions in Auckland last year.

When I look back at these, I feel incredibly honoured that you trusted me to have your and your dog’s portrait taken. Truth is, without you I would not have been able to make the below photographs without you. We had so much fun at our photoshoots this past year and am so grateful that I get to do this as my full time job. I make new friends with every photoshoot and fall in love with your dog every time I see and meet them in person.

Thank you for being in my life and being a part of this creative journey with Yellow Lab Pet Photography.

I am grateful for creativity and freedom in the work I create and am SO happy for 2019!  What will the new year bring? MORE dogs, more dogs in flowers, more of you with your dog, your family photo with your dog. More of the same, but also a lot of experimenting, playing and having fun with the same passion for photography and dogs. Professional hair and makeup for dog mom included. I’m also planning a few special photo events, so be sure to sign up to my newsletter if you’d like to be the first to know.

But first, to the ones that didn’t get to see 2019. To all the loved ones and furry friends we had to say goodbye to in 2018, you are missed every day. The foot and pawprints you left on our hearts will never wash away. RIP to the most amazing doggos Sika, Cody, Beckham and Oscar the awesome budgie. You were so amazing and deserved to live forever. I tell myself that the story A Dog’s Purpose is truth and that one day, we’ll meet them again.

Favourite dog photographs taken in Auckland 2018:

Flower wreaths

My classic flower dog shot with wreaths and flower crowns. Every photoshoot I do, I make one / two dog flower wreath photos. The flower wreath is tailor made to your dog’s size and your favourite colour and flowers. It is one of the favourite photographs that my clients 90% of the time don’t want to live without. These are just a few of my faves.

Click to enlarge image.

Black and white dog photography

With every photoshoot, I usually make a few photos black and white. But you know what I love more than a black and white photo? A colour photograph that LOOKS black and white. Monochrome love. Especially when their brown eyes pop against black on black on black.

Funny story about this most unusual photograph:

Apparently Oscar the golden retriever drools A LOT. So much, that his mum and dad carries a drool cloth with them. :-) We were using treats to get his attention for photos during the photo shoot… we were just about to wipe away the slobber, and I shouted, ‘NO! Wait!’ And took this shot. It is just so cool and turns out to be one of the absolute favourites from Sam and Mark’s photoshoot with Oscar. That’s the beauty of shooting digital is that you don’t need to print every photo. So I can experiment and play by taking ‘drool photos’. However in my years of being a pet photographer this is the first drool photo.

oscar print web (11 of 16).jpg

Most unusual photograph

And it’s currently an A2 artmount displayed proudly in Oscar’s family’s living area!

It’s a real conversation piece when they have people over.

Here’s to finding the beauty in unusual / everyday.

I wish you a happy 2019. Success in everything we take on, good health and love. It is going to be an amazing year!

If you’d like to see my faves from 2017, read here.

PS If you're curious about what a Yellow Lab photoshoot is / pet photography packages, dog or dog lover gift ideas, read more about the experience, the FAQ page or email me at to book. I still have one opening for January 2019 and am currently booking February and March.

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