I already like you, you have a pet and I am animal mad! So we will get along like a dog and his tennis ball.

We start off with a conversation about what kind of artwork you envision for your home. We talk about locations, your inspiration and set the date.

For the photo session we get together in a relaxed atmosphere where there will be guaranteed fun. There will be lots of playing and treats for your pet. This is where we make this an unforgettable experience that is stress free for all involved.

You might be wondering...but what happens if they don't behave, what happens if they don't look at the camera, what happens if they aren't a model citizen and won't listen...don't worry, over the years I have developed techniques that allow me to get in tune with your pet and speak their language. We will get the photos and we will all have fun. There has not been an animal, yet, that has eluded me.

The big reveal!

I will meet you at your house about a week or two weeks after the session for your Image Premiere. This will be where you will be introduced to all your pieces of art, starring you and your best friend. During this time, you can decide which of your photographs you would like to print or have enlarged.


Magic? Nope....just some very clever state-of-the-art technology

Iโ€™ll bring state of the art technology to show you what your wall art will look like in your's like magic!

Your prints are ordered the same day and you can expect your new decor pieces to be ready within 4-6 weeks. Your parcel will be couriered to you. However, in the case of large wall art, I can personally come hang it myself while you sit back and marvel at your new amazing art that we have created together.

If you have any questions about your commission or the process, flick me an email or connect with me by filling in this form. Iโ€™d love to talk about your vision for capturing you and your pet in images that will last a lifetime.


It is an investment that you will never regret.