I’ve spent a big part of January Marie Kondo-ing my life and home. Although it’s not perfect yet and I’m yet to fold my clothes the Marie Kondo way, I can completely see how items can ‘spark joy’ and how we should only be filling our living spaces with a few items that truly make us happy.

For me, as a dog photographer in Auckland, dogs make me happy! When I’m not photographing them, looking back at the art I’ve created with them makes me smile with all my being.

I’d love to know what you think about this new idea of mine? Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Yellow Lab on Red Bubble

I have released three of my flower wreath dog photographs to be printed and enjoyed as throw and floor pillows and wall tapestries.


Gift yourself

You even have the option of one of these photographs on a cute tote bag

This way the beautiful art I create get to bring happy to more people and the gorgeous dogs I fall in love with when photographing them get to be shared with the world.

I can envision leaning into one of these pillows while enjoying a cup of tea after work.

At the moment, you have the option of a dachshund, golden retriever or weimaraner with flowers photograph on a few homeware products.

I’d love to know…

Tell me what you think of this? Would you love a flower dog pillow by Yellow Lab to brighten up your lounge/ living room or bed? If this is something you like or you can see it will spark joy for you, tell me which breeds of dogs, colours or products you would like to see on my Red Bubble page. Leave a comment below so I know your thoughts!

Or tell me if you love dog photography on homeware. It makes a great gift for her, or a Valentines gift for a dog lover. If you’d like, when you sign up to Red Bubble you’ll get 10% off your first order.

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