I LOVE photographing dogs, but it is no secret that I have a very special place in my heart for Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Most probably because of my own first dogs…

To me, I love cupping their heads in my hands and to stroke their ears. It always feels like velvet to me. Uisce (pronounced Ish-ka) was a tough case for me to photograph. Not because she was hard to pose or get her attention, but because I’ll find it so easy to spend 3 hours cuddling her and fussing over her. I really had to focus (ha ha - funny pun) on getting her and Narlene’s photographs.

I love the softness in Uisce’s eyes and her very gently nature. But you know what I love even more? The way she looks at her mum Narlene. Uisce looks at her with such love and adoration. I’ve seen many dogs looking at their owners lovingly, but Uisce takes the cake. SO much love for these two beautiful souls.

They are such a stunning pair and such a treat and delight to have in front of my lens! I really love my job as pet photographer!!

Narlene said this of her and Uisce’s experience

Can absolutely recommend Salome at Yellow Lab. She is so lovely to deal with and takes such wonderful photos. The whole morning was such a treat, with the hair and make up included - I felt so pampered. Photos turned out amazing and I love her signature flower wreath shots. She's just wonderful with the dogs. Highly recommend! - Narlene Eijgermans

These are a few of my favourites from the photo shoot:

See some of the outtakes, behind the scenes and more photographs in their video.

I have loved creating these for you Narlene. I’m excited for your artmount wall art to be finished and you to see it. It’s going to be amazing!

Love, Salome

Narlene’s hair and makeup by Niki Adlington

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