YMCA at Onehunga War Memorial Pool created doggy heaven on earth today. Between the excitement of tennis balls and the massive swimming pool dogs had all to themselves, the noise of barking doggos was something to experience. Their happiness was so loud! Besides the sound, their joy was infectious and everybody had a blast! Today has hands down been one of the happiest days! Wagging tails and smiles all round!!

And you know what's better than going to fetch a ball in the middle of pool? Coming back and managing to fetch TWO! I even managed to get photographic evidence. 

Thank you for having me YMCA Onehunga Pool! It has been SUCH a pleasure and joy to make these photographs for you.

These are just a few of my fave photos. See more on my Facebook page. If any of them are of your pup, email me at salome@yellowlab.co.nz so I can send you the highres file.