The secret of the perfect kiss... with your dog

lily and pop kiss.jpg

What!? Kiss my dog? You must be joking! Too far Salome!

...but wait, hear me out! I want you to go even further...

I want you to grab your phone and snap a pic of “the kiss”.

Guaranteed it will be one of the best pictures you’ve taken with your pup.

All you need to do is get your phone ready and ask your dog don’t speak dog? problem, use the universal word for “kiss here” by dabbing your finger in peanut butter (just a little) and putting some on your cheek. Get ready to laugh, snap and have a bit of fun!

How to setup the shot:

  1. Make sure you are not sitting in sunlight. Find some shade under trees, a building or a great spot is at one of the benches at the covered wharf at Catalina Bay. (Another good excuse to visit the Farmer’s market.) This will give you even lighting for your photo.

  2. Make sure your camera is a little higher than your eye level. This angle is more flattering.

  3. Chin forward and down. Yup, look like a tortoise from the side. What this does is strengthens your jawline - practise in the mirror.

Master these three techniques with a touch of peanut butter and you’ve got the perfect kiss!

Love, Salome

Salome is a pet portrait photographer that stays in Hobsonville Point.

Follow on Instagram @yellowlabpetphoto for fun photo shoots / or read more here about what Yellow Lab's pet photoshoots are like and what to expect.

- Article as seen in The Westerly, community magazine for Massey and Hobsonville Point, April 2018.