Hi Yellow Lab friend, how crazy is the wind we're having in Auckland?
It literally almost blew me away this weekend at Dog Day Afternoon at Silo Park. There were so many happy wagging tales, new smiles and some great chats that I was truly in my element.

Here are some of the new friends I made.

Usually when I have trade shows, I have a show special. This is the show special and free gift I've been offering at Dog Day Afternoon in Silo Park and my past Paws in Parnells. I only ever sell these in person but am sharing it with the Yellow Lab family.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.47.01 PM.png

Only 2 left!

Your FREE GIFT is the beautiful black lizard folio box you will put the prints that you purchase in. It includes a large Chewy Vuiton squeeky fetch toy, scented candle and one of my favourites...yup, the Whittaker's...bet it's yours too!

With the show special today you get

  • a makeover for one (hair and makeup is for one, but the whole family is welcome to join for the photoshoot)
  • 2-3 hour glamour photoshoot
  • $200 print credit

*psst - Mother's day is around the corner...

There are only TWO free gifts. Click here if you want one of them to be yours.

Have an amazing week!

See you soon,
- Salomé