Best Meagan

My jaw is on the floor every single time I see you. Your collies Benny and Sika are just so incredibly well behaved that I am just amazed over and over again. They posed like rockstars for your photoshoot and were such model dogs when we met for your reveal at One Tree Hill Cafe. While we were choosing your favourite must have photographs, they were laying by your feet, ever so patiently. I didn't hear a single peep from them.

They are SO amazing! The best nature, patient and kind creatures. You say you got lucky to have such chilled dogs, but you know what, I think they get their chill from you. You're a happy friendly calm person to be with and just a general delight. I loved to meet and get to know you.

Ruth and I have had an incredible time spent with your family. Having you in front of my lens has been a highlight.


Benny and Sika, see you soon for cuddles and belly rubs when I deliver your family's enlargement.

So much love, Salome

Gorgeous hair and makeup by Madeup by Ruth