You know how cats are NOTHING like dogs, and how I usually photograph dogs.... and how cats don't do anything you want them to unless it's 110% their idea. When I think of the process of having cats in front of my lens, I wonder to myself.... Salome, have you LOST your mind? And then I think of all the awesome shots I have managed to get of cats before and I'm like, I've got this! I honestly love what I do, cats are unpredictable but I always get great shots! They might not always be exactly as I imagined, but they're always there, and sometimes better than I imagined!

Photographing animals, especially cats, require a good dose of patience from me, the photographer, the cat pawrents and a little creativity. Ben and Sadie were SO patient during their photo shoot. Do you know how I got the very first photograph? Bruce Springsteen is sitting inside a small cardboard box, that I stuffed tulle into to make it pretty/ more photogenic.

We used a wide variety of different things to get Bruce and Jang's attention. It ranged from catnip, treats, shiny pens, scrunchy balls that make a funny noise cats like and hairpins (Mr Bojangles LOVES those).

Ben and Sadie has since been forgiven for putting their furbabies through this 'torture' of having their photograph taken and I'm sure you'll agree that we managed to get some true gems! 

Sadie's gorgeous hair and makeup done by Lizzy Carmine

Have you had your cat / pet photographed? Feel free to get in touch and find out what a magazine style photoshoot with your furkids will be like.