I asked Janet to put Murphy (almost 2) on the big cement block close to Hobsonville Point Ferry terminal and told her to put her arms around her dog. The wind was blowing her beautifully curled red locks mercilessly. With the harbour and little sailboats in the background of my frame, she hugged her dog and they suddenly looked like Jack and Rose from the scene in Titanic. There is just something so awesome about this, the wind, the angle they're standing, the connection and their bond and tremendous love. Picture perfect with the blowing hair and her new favourite red lippy. 

Janet shares her life with two special guys, so I need to tell you about Cody (15), her other furbaby. Once we wrapped the shoot and Janet and I started to say bye, I got a good cuddle in from Cody. And I can tell this guy is so incredibly special. He is so soft natured, and he just sits there, letting me touch his face, stroke his ears and he's just being. Completely content in the moment, not minding me loving on him so hard. 

I look into his eyes and I could see the brown past the grey parts as he's going blind, and it's like you see right into his beautiful soul. such a patient, kind, "the guy you want to chill with" guy. I can see exactly why Janet calls him her best mate. I don't know what it is about Cody or what it is about dogs in general, but MAN, how lucky are we as humans to have something so pure in our lives to show us how we should be.

I am sure you'll agree, that looking at the photos, they are a very special trio to meet and have in front of my lens. 

Watch the video for even more photographs and outtakes.

Makeup and hair by Made Up by Ruth.

Ruth did an amazing job and I'm so happy to have her part of the Yellow Lab pamper experience that you get when you book your shoot.

The red lippy if you're curious, is Hot Pepper by Mac. It's a limited edition color, so you might not be able to get it from your nearest branch. Janet finally found it to buy on ebay. It wasn't just popular with her, both the dogs ended up with red lipstick on their cheeks...who could blame Janet for giving these guys so much love!

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