Best Nikki, I have had the absolute BEST time photographing you, your gorgeous boy Cooper and your hubby Ryan. I am so happy that he managed to pop in in between work meetings & be in some of the photographs. Even if it was in a storm trooper t-shirt. I think his blazer over it camouflage it well, but on closer inspection at the photos, it kind of shows his fun quirky side. I think this will be a joke in your family and might be known as the photo shoot with the storm troopers ;-)

I love that you love to twin with Cooper. I wish more people want to make clothes and accessories specifically to twin with one's dog. Perhaps that's a business venture for you ;-)

I adore how you match and just love to see your and Cooper's bond play off in front of my lens. It has been such an honor to make these photographs for you that I know you will treasure a really long time.

I can't wait to see which photo you and Ryan decide on for your A2 artmount for one of the walls in your home.

Cooper, you are such a rad puppy dog! I say puppy dog, cause although you're 2, you're still so playful, just like a pup! I love how the color of your coat changes depending on your surroundings. You're a black lab, but in some photos you look completely brown. You're so rad man! I hope your mom books me again in a year's time like she wants to :-D I LOVED the time I spent with you!

See you soon for cuddles and scratches when I deliver your artmount and other prints.

Kisses, Salome

Nikki's gorgeous hair and makeup by Lizzy Carmine

Watch their video to see more photos and outtakes from the day.