Gerard contacted me with the idea of a very special birthday gift for his wife Patricia. He wasn’t 100% sure about whether she’ll like to have her hair and makeup done for the photoshoot, but it turns out she loved it!

Niki did her makeup very naturally and kept it light, so to only enhance her natural beauty. Patricia still looks like herself, and being made up a little gave her extra confidence in front of the lens and it’s a nice pamper treat. Not something many people get to do but a super fun and different morning!

Patricia’s dog Poppy was such a delight to photograph. She’s a real old girl, going on 13! and such a soft gentle sweet soul. If you know my story you know I have the biggest soft spot for Goldens. (My own Golden Retriever’s name is Poppy too!!!) I LOVE the story about how (this) Poppy got her name…

When Gerard and Patricia got Poppy as a pup, they couldn’t think of a name that felt like it suited her so they called her Puppy. Puppy stuck and it became Poppy.

At the second part of the photoshoot on location where we went for a walk by the boardwalk in Hobsonville Point, I turned the camera away from Poppy and focused on Gerard and Patricia on their own. I simply love how you can see just how close they are. They’re celebrating 23 years of marriage this year and turns out they don’t have many photographs of the two of them together. LOVE this couple shot (5th photograph)!

These are some of my favourite photographs from this dog and family photo session

Love, Salome

Patricia’s hair and makeup by Niki Adlington from Wilde Beauty

If you think you would like to have the same kind of makeover photoshoot experience with your dog and / family, read more here of what a Yellow Lab photography experience is like. Hair and makeup available.

If you’re in Auckland, it is the perfect gift for her for Mothers day, her birthday or to treat yourself and your furry best friend.

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