The last time Karen had family photographs made, was 12 years ago when Lauren and Olivia were mere toddlers. I saw their old family photographs on the wall, and it’s so cool to see how people grow bigger and change, that I’m delighted they’ve updated their portraits to a more current version of themselves.

What makes their family session SO extra special though, is that their beautiful chocolate border collie Cody came too! You know how much I LOVE DOGS.

Dogs are our family too and absolutely MUST be in the family photoshoot. Especially as they’re such a big part of our lives.

Lauren had been begging her parents for a long time to have professional pet portraits made of her special boy Cody. Cody was the star of the photoshoot, but we made sure to photograph him with his family, and we made some special photographs for mom Karen with both girls.

Often with photos of mom and dad, the last amazing photograph of the two of them together, was taken at their wedding. Karen is planning on framing and hanging their couple portrait next to their wedding photograph. They’re celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year. Congratulations!

These are some of my favourite photographs from this dog and family photo session in Auckland

Love, Salome

How long has it been since YOUR family’s last photoshoot?

If you think you would like to have the same kind of photoshoot experience with your dog and / or family, read more here of what a pet & family photography experience with Yellow Lab is like. Hair and makeup available on request.

If you’re in Auckland, it is the perfect gift for her for Mothers day, birthday, to treat yourself and your furry best friend or anniversary gift idea to celebrate you and your family.

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