You love to flood the internet with adorable photographs of your dog, but you feel your instafeed can be better. Keep reading - it's easy.

I am pet photographer YELLOW LAB (@yellowlabpetphoto on insta) and today I'm sharing my top tips on how to take better photos so you can up your instagame and your doggy become the influencer he deserves to be.

  • Clean lens: This happens to me all the time. With my big DSLR camera AND my iPhone. I am snapping away and can just not figure out why the photograph looks out of focus. Use a microfibre cloth or clean it with your shirt.

  • Focus: Camera apps let you decide where you want the focus to be. Choose your focal point by tapping on the part of the screen you want in focus.

  • Shoot from your dog’s eye level: You bond most when you are nose to nose with your pup and your photos will shine.

  • Get their attention: This stops scrolling on feeds. Get your dog's attention with their favourite toy or treats. Hold it close to the phone’s camera. Sometimes it's difficult to do it all on your own, get help. Try to make funny sounds (dog crying sound, meowing or even barking!). Different sounds get other expressions and head tilts!

how to photograph dog with iphone

Yellow Lab Pet Photography’s top tips

15 Photographer’s Secrets To Photograph Your Dog With Your Phone

Have fun! Love, Salome.

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PPS Let me know if you found my tips helpful. Tag me on Instagram @yellowlabpetphoto - I would love to see your photographs!