I'm a photographer who specialise in photographing dogs and the unique relationship between dogs and their human parents. I've written an ebook where I share my top tips on how you can photograph your pooch like a professional only using your iPhone. Though, it's come to my attention that a lot of my clients struggle to photograph their black dogs. So I have made a video where I show you just how you can get your black dog to look in your photo like the cute little pooch he/she is and not just like a black blob ;-)

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& catchlights

Tip #1

The problem with photographing black dogs, is that their fur absorbs all the light around it, so the light doesn’t bounce back to you to capture detail in a photo of them.

You solve this, by carefully choosing in which light to photograph your black dog. For this example, go outside and look for open shade, an area that is not in hot light where there is nothing above your head.

Another way to take the lighting of your doggy to the next level, is to look for catchlights in his eyes. Catchlights, are the white reflections of light in his/her eyes. Lack of catchlights is what will make your doggy look like a black blob. The way to get catchlights, if you don’t see it, turn yourself and your dog the other way until you see it. Once you start noticing it, you will never look at lighting the way you have been before.






Tip #2

Our phones are pretty smart and the technology behind an iPhone’s camera is incredible……

but you are still smarter than your phone. It doesn’t know which part of the photo you want it to be in focus. If you hold your phone out in front of you pointing in your dog’s direction to shoot, your phone will likely focus on the background, so the photo of your dog won’t be sharp and in focus. Touch the screen on the background, take a photo, and then touch the screen on the foreground, your dog, take a photo and see the difference in the two photos. If your dog is moving you’ll have to be super quick or he’ll be out of focus.

Usually, the combination of tip 1 and 2 is enough to get you a decent photograph of your dog, but if he’s still not lit up enough, use this tip.





if necessary

Tip #3

In the video, you’ll see how Anouk adjusted the exposure to brighten up the photograph of Foxy.

The way to change the exposure: you hold down on the screen with your finger until you see a little sun. Then, slide your finger up or down, and you’ll see how the screen gets darker or lighter. Adjust it till it looks right, and take the photo.

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