Today was the day of the year all dog lovers in Auckland has been waiting for, twice. Twice because the day the event was supposed to take place, it was postponed. 

Today, two weeks later, everybody and their dog showed up prepared with umbrellas and dogs in hoodies and raincoats. The rain was NOT going to stop us from patting ALL of the dogs and having a fantastic day because... well, DOGS!

Once again (see post from last year) the Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs did not disappoint! The best doggy vendors and many familiar faces. There were a few sad & wet looking dogs by the end of the walk that weren't sure why their owners dragged them out on a wet day like today. But I'm sure all have had a nice bath and warm blow dry now. 

The humans have had their Big Dog Walk, some to show off their awesome twinning with their dog costumes, others without dogs to love on the dogs. Everybody, for the love of dogs and raising funds for the charity Lots Of Dogs. 

It's such a highlight - I'm already looking forward to next year! 

Thank you for having me Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs! It has been SUCH a pleasure and joy to make these photographs for you today.

These are just a few of my fave photos. See more on my Facebook page. If any of them are of your pup, email me at so I can send you the highres file.