How crazy is this cold?
I have something for you that will look gorgeous with your polo neck or chunky pullover.

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My most requested photograph to make at my pet photo sessions, are the custom flower wreath on your dog photos. So I've partnered with Helen Emmett for the month of June to bring you even more flower love!
Helen picks and dries flowers that have meaning to her and preserves them in resin, in such a way, that it looks like you're wearing a floating petal in a drop of water. 

For every pet photoshoot that is booked in June, you will receive one of Helen’s handcrafted Hydrangea petal pendants.

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There are only FIVE of these gorgeous pendants. Each have a name and a special meaning behind them.

Click here to reserve yours now.

I'm talking to Helen, the creator of the necklaces on Wednesday afternoon - make sure to catch us on Facebook live on the Yellow Lab Facebook page.

Have an amazing long weekend!

See you,
- Salomé