Can you believe that January is almost gone? It's shimmered by just like the heat wave that's been warming us up every day. It makes me want to dive head first into a cool glass of something cold and cool down like Ellie.

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Kissing your dog... and paying for it!

Yellow Lab has teamed up with the SPCA and with Valentines Day coming up, we put two and two together and have created #smoochyourpoochnz

So here's the deal. I'm bringing my full camera kit and setting up a really cool kissing booth!
You bring a gold coin donation or more, pop it into the SPCA bucket, you get an awesome photo taken and you make a pooch very happy at the SPCA. 100% of donations go to SPCA Auckland.

The whole event will be taking place at the awesome #pawsinparnell, at Heard Park, that's happening Next week Sunday 4 Feb, 10am to 1pm. If you haven't been, you have got to come check it out. There are some amazing stalls, amazing goods for your dog and amazing people that all put dogs at the top of their list. I've made so many good friends!

So, the idea is to get photos of you kissing your pooch. If you don't have your pooch handy you can tag in someone else (or another pet). No furbaby? That's also ok - we'll create a cool portrait of you posing in front of the frame.


The booth

Artmount and Framing Matters Ltd. have lent me a fantastic frame, not just any frame, a big beautiful gold ornate antique frame that is going to be the heart of the booth. Thank you Esther for organising! You must go and see their showroom in Parnell, it is truly inspiring and their art is phenomenal.

The Yellow Lab community has been helping me build the booth and the pink flowers won in our epic pink and purple petal showdown!
This week we're going to be putting the frame and flowers together, so make sure to keep an eye out for the posts on my different channels.
If you want to always see my Facebook posts, click or tap on the FOLLOWING button on the Yellow Lab Facebook page and select SEE FIRST. That way you won't miss any of the posts.

The checklist

What it takes to put together a kissing booth 

  1. Design a cool poster for #smoochyourpoochnz - done
  2. Find a frame to use as backdrop - amazing frame ready
  3. Decide on color of flowers to add to backdrop - pink wins!
  4. Source all flowers - Friday morning
  5. Assemble the frame and flowers - Monday
  6. Tell everyone about #smoochyourpoochnz - PLEASE help me out! Send this to a friend or tag them in a post.
  7. Charge camera, pack for Paws in Parnell Heard Park - pack water bowl for dog friends
  8. Decide what to wear - see my tips below for what to wear for your mini photo shoot
  9. Get everything to the event - Bribe hubby
  10. #dreamjob photographing my favorite things and raising money for SPCA Auckland at the same time - 4 Feb 10am - 1pm FUN!  
  11. Edit and email awesome photographs to you - Aiming for Wednesday
  12. Deposit 100% donation to SPCA Auckland bank account - Happy pooches

What to wear

There are no set rules but wearing black, white, pinks or perhaps even green will work well with the whole set...and your favorite red lippy.
If you have hubby, your partner or a friend coming along, get them to wear something neutral like black or white. 


See you next Sunday!

- Salomé