Funny story about the photo shoot with Anouk and Foxy. We were scouting One Tree Hill, and the sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds and going back behind the clouds. The lighting was changing the entire time, so I was looking for a good spot of open shade to avoid full sun and for a moment wasn't checking where I was stepping or walking.

Now, I'm always very careful with my clients in where they are walking, I always tell them to be extremely careful as I'd hate for anyone to fall, get hurt or end up muddy...

Next thing I knew, I felt a massive 'THUD' and I was sitting flat on my bum in mud. My gumboots slid when I didn't check where I was stepping (insert eyeroll ;-)). Anouk says she saw the whole thing happen. I was so embarrassed that I keep telling her to watch her step and go and fall myself. So what's a girl to do when you find yourself sitting in mud with your camera in your hand? You laugh. Because it's pretty embarrassing but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that I made a slight fool of myself and walked around with a mud bum, because those are not the memories that were printed from that day. The memories that were made that day, were of laughter and love and we filled it with class and style and beautiful florals to remember and celebrate Anouk and Foxy's incredible bond and beauty. I especially love them in front of the tulips because Anouk's heritage is dutch. In fact, them in front of the tulips turned out to be her favorites! 

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