When I photograph newborn babies, I always ask my clients to keep out something sentimental. I just LOVE the stories behind the items I get to photograph baby next to.

Little Hugo here, was photographed next to his great granddad's rugby ball! How cute?! I also propped him up with his mom's old teddybear. Now this teddy was so loved up it was falling apart. SO sweet.

Now if the rugby ball and teddy weren't magical enough, we got a photograph of their furbaby, their first 'child' Tilly with little Hugo. I often photograph dogs, so I just LOVE when pets are part of my baby photo shoots!

I saw Hugo and his mom again just yesterday and am amazed at just how much and how quickly babies grow and change. So if you would like to remember your own newborn baby's perfect little features forever, book your newborn shoot by filling in the form and getting in touch here.

I'm now taking bookings for November, December and 2018 and photograph babies before they are 14 days new, so the best time to book your photo shoot is BEFORE baby is born. We connect and chat about how a Yellow Lab baby photo shoot works at your home in Auckland, and you let me know as soon as baby's born so I know roughly when to schedule your shootday and keep my diary open for you.

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