It has been raining so much in Auckland over the last week. So yesterday and today I was really surprised to have a day with blue skies. It has been so refreshing and good for my soul! Just in time too to give us more incredible weather for another Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs.

This time, it was held at one of my all time favorite parks: One Tree Hill. I had an incredible morning taking photographs at today's social and get together. It was such fun to meet up with friends I've made on previous walks and to make new friends with gorgeous dogs and their owners.

The Big Dog Walk With Lots of Dogs, Omega Plus and Jordan from Define Canine are hosting more of these kind of events in Auckland. If you come next week, be sure to say hi and have your dog's portrait taken - I'll be the one with the camera. :-)

If any of these photographs are of you and / or your dog, shoot me an email at and I will email you the high resolution file without the watermark.

Find the rest of the photographs on my Facebook page.

If you'd still like to see even more happy photos of dogs having a blast, here is a previous Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs event.