I love summer. 

This time of year, when the season changes, I start to feel depressed because I don't ever like to feel cold and I'm not looking forward to winter. However, as soon as I see leaves turn red, orange and brown my heart skips a beat and I get really excited to be outside and to be photographing dogs (with their families) outdoors.

  1. I love how autumn gives us a break in backdrop for my sessions and that I can do something completely different and vary my work to my mobile studio set up. I simply adore the rusty, earthy tones I can make in images.
  2. I love that our transition clothes/ outfits from summer to winter adds a different dimension to photographs. You don't wear so many pieces of clothes to look bulky, like you're cold, and you're not feeling too hot, so your blow out or make up won't be ruined by temperature. That means a fun shirt/ dress with a fitted blazer or jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up ever so slightly and accessorised to show your favorite accent color. The layered look autumn lends itself to always feels so at home and relaxed.
  3. Your canine best friend will look so cute wrapped in a chunky scarf to compliment your outfit. 
  4. One of the best memories I have of Poppy, is of her rolling in a freshly raked heap of dry leaves. Oh, her joy was simply contagious!
  5. I also love sipping on spicy chai lattes and indulging in hot bowls of homemade soup with a slice of freshly baked bread.
  6. My next best FAVORITE thing about autumn, and this cheers me right up until the end of winter, is that its finally cold enough to wear my boots!

What do you love most about autumn?