I wasn't sure what to expect from The Big Dog Walk With Lots Of Dogs that my family and I decided to join on this fine Saturday. Once we found parking and walked closer and even closer to Waiatarua Park the happy sound of dogs cajoling with each other was in the air. It felt slightly unfamiliar and as you got closer....

It was ONLY smiles. Big happy, friendly tongue all the way out smiles with tails a wagging. Dogs and owners of all shapes, kinds and sizes came together for a fundraiser with the greatest cause. The mere love of dogs. 

I was excited and felt as though time stood still. I wanted to pat and touch and connect with each and every one of these new furry friends.

I couldn't stop myself or my camera around all these beautiful creatures to photograph. I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka's factory except there was no chocolate, just the amazing smell from the sausage sizzle who seemed to make the dogs pose even more for my camera.

I loved the cuddles the doggies let me give them. My kids had the best time stroking and patting and being around these magnificent creatures.

Oh, but we have so much to learn from our canine friends. To be in this moment right now 200% in with all four paws.

That's the thing with dogs. You can just show up and be yourself. And for a moment you can run around care free, because you have no other place you'd rather be but to enjoy the fresh air, green grass and this beautiful earth.

Throw in doggies running all around chasing after balls, running after each other and just their general boisterous having fun and just being, my kids, hubby and I were in dog heaven.

Thank you for sharing the morning with us and gracing us with your presence. Our souls have truly been touched.

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- Salome