How many long haired Daxies can Jeanette fit on her lap? 5...but there's always room for one 6...they've tried and they always manage to squeeze in. They always want to be on her lap. So they made my job of capturing them with Jeanette super easy. :-)

I loved their silky soft ears and even softer nature.
JJ, Woody, Theodorable (his mom was Izziedorable who sadly died giving birth to him), Maisie, Queenie, Vinni, Stevie, Pepperoni, Halo, Kenzi and India-Rose captivated me for the afternoon and together we created the most stunning pieces of art.

Here are some of my favourite pictures that we created together. These little dachshunds just melted my heart. 

What I LOVE about how these photographs, is that it's not photographs of a lady posing with her dogs, but it's documented the incredible bond and love Jeanette has for her dogs and their love for her. That, and the absolute pride Jeanette has when showing off her fur babies.

Jeanette says they are her nursemaids and comforters through rough patches. She calls them her sanity savers. Dachshunds are a passion of hers and she jokes by saying it's borderline obsession! :-D She is heavily involved in the Dacshund community after all.

They are all just gorgeous Jeanette - I'm popping by for my daxie fix again soon!

Hair and makeup by Koni Maquillage.

Do you love daxies too? Leave me a comment - they make my day!

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