Santa's been, all the Christmas leftovers have been eaten and we're getting ready for a new year. But first, it's time to reflect on 2017, so I'm celebrating and looking back at my favorite pieces of artworks that I have created during my Yellow Lab pet photography sessions.

When I think about the year, I look back with tremendous pride of the beautiful memories that have been created for families and individuals who I know treasure their photographs and look back on their Yellow Lab experience with pure joy.

2017 had challenges but I am so grateful for my beautiful family and husband who supports me and pushes me not to be limited and to constantly build my passion.

I am grateful for the people:

  • Everyone who has been in front of my lens
  • I've met through dog walks, 
  • Too many to mention passionate people in the same industry
  • Happy to have met people and their dogs on Instagram in real life
  • The talented make up artists I work with...
  • and the dogs, the dog cuddles. 

For this is why I do what I do - I LOVE dogs! 

I am grateful for creativity and freedom in the work I create and am SO happy for 2018 to start!  What will the new year bring? MORE dogs, more dogs in flowers, more of you with your dog, your family photo with your dog and happy times.

I wish you a relaxing joyous summer holiday and the BEST 2018 has to offer!

happy new year enzo.jpg

It is going to be an amazing 2018!

PS If you're curious about what a Yellow Lab photoshoot is, read more about the experience or email me at to book. I still have two openings for January 2018.