Very often, it happens that the entire family can’t attend the photoshoot. I totally understand we lead busy and demanding lives. Sometimes partners (the guys :-)) join the photoshoot for a few minutes at the end, or in this case, we got a photo of Louie and Drew before he dashed off to work.

Which is awesome, because he is in one of the photos on their wall too! I get it guys, sometimes you’d rather visit the dentist than have your photo taken. But this is a win-win. He didn’t have to be at the entire photo session, but it’s still super special as he’s in one of the printed portraits. Everybody’s happy.

Plus Jenna has beautiful photographs to always remember this amazing time in their life now.

Behind the scenes video during their photoshoot at at home in Milford, Auckland. See what it’s like when my hair and makeup artist come to your home to shoot.

Jenna and Louie, I have loved making these photographs for you. I love how fashion forward and glam these turned out. Truly beautiful.

Love, Salome

Jenna's hair and makeup by Made Up by Ruth

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