I’ve been a dog photographer for a few years now, and funnily enough, yesterday was the first time I had a greyhound in front of my lens. In fact, it was a total Greyhound overload with the Great Global Greyhound Walk 2019. This event took place in different cities and countries to fundraise and spread awareness for Greyhounds As Pets.

Fun facts I learnt about this amazing dog breed:

  • Greyhounds are the most fashionable breed for a reason. You usually see them wearing coats in winter, and there’s a reason for that! They get cold! I didn’t know this, but it makes complete sense. If we humans get cold, a Greyhound will too.

  • Their coats are SO incredibly soft. You just want to pat and pat and keep petting them.

  • They are such cuddle bugs and love attention. I got to pat some greyhounds for so long, I thought their owners might be thinking ‘stop touching my dog’, but the doggos would simply come for more. I can’t imagine how a Greyhound owner get anything done at home as I’d be a total couch potato stroking my dog the whole day.

  • They are amazing pets for any age. They need a walk like any other dog, but are happy to lounge around the rest of the day.

  • When you join the Greyhound community, you join a family. I’m told that you don’t adopt a Greyhound and never see the people again… they meet up for different walks often and people and hounds make a bunch of friends here. Find their Facebook groups here: GAP Auckland and Northland and Greyhounds as Pets NZ Group.

It was definitely something to see with so many Greyhounds in one place. Final count was 133 greyhounds, 5 other sighthounds and 16 honourary greyhounds.

Thank you GAP for having me at your event in Auckland at Cornwall Park. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know and spend time with you and your special hounds.

See more photographs on my facebook album. These were some of my favourites.

If you had your dog or greyhound photographed yesterday and would love the high res photograph, shoot me mail at salome@yellowlab.co.nz

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