Lexi and Skylah’s size fascinated me and I was really excited to photograph LARGE dogs, which turned out to be a challenge, but not more than any other usual photoshoots. They have the nicest personalities and I LOVED getting to know them.

If you, like me, like to ‘insta-stalk’ beautiful dog accounts, follow them on @twaynet2 or @momrcr. Wayne and Joanne take their Leonbergers on so many tramping adventures with the best views…

Wayne was on the waiting list to get Lexi for five years! That’s a loooooooooooooooong time to have a sore and achy heart for a dog. I know! Looking at their photos, I haven’t seen anyone love their dogs more than this family. You can feel their love in the photos where they hug.

These are a few of my absolute favourites from their studio and on location session. 

Their artmount as wall art turned out so well too.

See some of the outtakes in their video.

Watch the behind the scenes video during their photoshoot at the Hobsonville Point home studio. I had the best time patting them and seriously had to focus on getting photos too and not just hug them! I feel really lucky that my job lets me get my ‘doggy fix’.

Wayne and Joanne, thank you for sitting for your portraits, bringing your girls for a shoot to my studio so that I can build Yellow Lab and keep persuing my dream. I have had an incredible time making these photographs for you.

Love, Salome

Joanne's hair and makeup by Made Up by Ruth

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