Carrie and her family were part of my Spring event and I’m happy to be showing you my absolute favourite photographs from their photosession at Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Cooper, their lovely golden retriever, is 15 and have now officially had his portrait taken. He’s an old boy, doesn’t hear and see and walk so well but he’s such a gentle dog - you can see how much this family loves him. The kids were super stars modelling and posing with him and seriously made my ‘job’ so easy making these family photographs for them.

Carrie, I’ve loved making these for you and getting to know you guys. Your artmount as wall art and photograph in your ornate frame turned out just beautifully.

If you’re keen to see, walk with me through the park Auckland Botanic Garden while I scout locations during spring time. It’s one of my favourite times of year.

Love, Salome

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