Karyn’s husband treated her to a photoshoot with her beloved furbaby Kashu the cavoodle. This is for sure an anniversary gift Karyn will treasure and remember for a long time.

Kashu was the funniest during his photo session. We had such fun!

When Karyn’s hair and makeup was being done, Kashu kept jumping on to the table behind me and refusing to ‘sit’ in the space in front of the backdrop I’ve created for him. This was going on for a little while and was quite funny. I don’t mind dogs ‘taking over’ during a shoot, I mean, asking a dog to sit for his photo is probably the most unnatural thing for a dog to do, yet we expect them to ;-)

So I worked around Kashu. I always try make my models and clients as comfortable as I can. I got Kashu off the table. Draped a blanket over it, and sure thing he jumped back on and I got some AMAZING photographs of him without ‘forcing’ him too. Photo 2 to 4 was taken on the table :-D

One of the photos taken on the table, even made it as an artmount for the wall!

These are some of my favourite photographs from this dog and owner photo session

Watch the behind the scenes video during their photoshoot in Hobsonville Point Auckland.

Love, Salome

Karyn’s hair and makeup by Made Up by Ruth

If you think you would like to have the same kind of makeover photoshoot experience with your dog and / family, read more here of what a Yellow Lab photography experience is like. Hair and makeup included.

If you’re in Auckland, it is the perfect gift for her for Mothers day, her birthday or to treat yourself and your furry best friend.