On the way to dropping my boys off at school one morning, I stopped the car to pick flowers from the neighbour's. As I got to picking the fifth pink flower, the postman sees me and says "Nothing like starting the day with a beautiful flower". I entirely agree. I jump into the car and dash off to the next spot to pick the deep orange flowers I spotted a few days prior. As I'm picking the postman drives past and I exclaim "ok, I promise I'm done now". He must've thought I'm a crazy girl with 2 kids in the car on the way to school picking flowers as I go.... ;-D Silly women.

So, I drop the boys at school and finish making the flower wreaths in the car before the pet photography photo session in one of the many beautiful parks in Auckland. 

I am amazed at how patient Alfie and Harvey were during the part of the session where I dressed them up. They are SUCH sweethearts and I just love the result of photographing these dogs! I am really excited to be developing this idea of mine into something bigger, with even more flowers, fine art pet photography and puppy dog eyes.

What do you think of dogs with flowers for no apparent reason other than to celebrate life with a pretty bloom? Personally, I'm in love  <3