I have been completely smitten with the work of French photographer Sophie Gamand's Flower Power series. She photographs rescued pitbulls with flower crowns with the mission to get them rehomed and adopted. She is a real inspiration in the work she does for animals that can't help themselves.

Her work got me motivated to make a flower wreath myself and dress up some of the furbabies I photograph. 

Are you curious to see how I made it? It's super easy!!

Collect supplies. You'll need:

  • Fresh or artificial flowers. I got mine from several dollar stores. I love how they look like real flowers.
  • Scissors / garden scissors
  • Floral tape. I used green washi tape and it worked beautifully.
  • Your favorite cup of tea
  • Furbaby to model your wreath

I used a long string of Ivy to make the base of the wreath. I wrapped it on itself into the correct length and used pieces of washi tape to keep the Ivy base in place. I cut the flowers off of the stems and randomly taped them to the wreath base. I kept adding flowers until I was happy with the look of the wreath. It took me longer to source the flowers I wanted than what it took me to make the actual wreath. This really is an easy craft that you can complete in a short time.

Here is the final product in action. I think I'll be making many more floral wreaths to dress up our canine friends!

** UPDATE: I've made more! Watch the video on how to make a floral wreath for your dog.