Yellow Lab NewBORN Baby Portraits

I believe in love. And I believe in the magic of celebrating a newborn's arrival with professional portraits. Your family means everything to you. The family that you would go through sleepless nights for, move countries, change jobs and build a new life for. Or a baby that you waited what feels like forever to have. Each of us have our own story that is crucial to tell now, with photographs, so that five, eight or thirteen years from now, your baby now, teen then, will look back at his portraits that his family had taken of him and he will feel so loved and cherished. Give this gift to your family, to cherish & celebrate yourselves in this life changing time that passes so quickly, is SO special and SO important.

Newborn photography sessions are done in the comfort of your own home in Auckland in the first 10 days of baby's life. If baby is slightly older don't hesitate to get in touch.

professional Hair and makeup for mom included.


Behind the scenes photos of a Yellow Lab newborn baby photo shoot:

the experience

Blogpost with FAQ explaining an entire photoshoot and the process.

See my Instagram or Facebook Newborn Baby page for my latest new baby photography work.

It’s @yellowlabnewbornbaby.



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CHRISTIAN's little lion teddy bear was his mom's.

LILLIAN was the sweetest baby girl to capture.

I am amazed at the love DECLAN's big brother has for him at just a few days new.

I love the meaning behind CHARLOTTE's little bunny.

HUGO's with his mom's old teddy and great granddaddy's rugby ball.


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Email for more detail & what to expect. alternatively flick me a message below.

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