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A quick little (long overdue) update over Scones *yum*

It was incredibly difficult to drag this bum out of bed this morning.  I guess it had something to do with getting overly excited and looking forward to upcoming leave and planning new projects around our home.

But first, an update on recent development(s):

  1. I've finally made pillowcases to accompany our ex-curtain acting as duvet cover.  I am still to get around to fixing the trim on the duvet cover till I'm pleased with and proud of it before I'll post pictures # 26:  make a new bedspread and pillowcases.  Almost almost done.  Now it's simply a question of making time.
  2. I had a plan to complete # 4:  create a garment I can wear with pride of my 29 Things.  I chose a skirt pattern from a recent Burdastyle magazine.  I've bought all the materials and even cut and trace the pattern from the book.  Unfortunately / luckily (don't know which one it will be yet, only time will tell) I discovered a skirt in my wardrobe that I love to wear.  Problem is, I don't have it in another color.  No problem-o! Another version of the skirt I'm wearing today will work wonders in the color material I bought earlier.
  3. # 14 create a gallery wall is very close to being ticked off as 'done'.  Hubby eagerly got out his power tools last Saturday to hang the picture frames for me.  It really is surprising how much more we feel at home now that our pictures are (almost) up. Only now that the frames are on the wall have I decided which pictures I'll get printed, and to which size. 
  4. On the issue of # 2:  create mood board for bedroom makeover . . . progress . . .  I've found the sweetest (free!) vintage pictures from The Graphics Fairy to use in the bedroom.  (And bathroom.)  I can hardly wait to go frame hunting.
This is one of the fabulous photos I'm planning to hang in our bedroom. (Head on over to The Graphics Fairy!)

 I better get moving if I wish to complete 29 things before my birthday.  Only 156 days to go!  Or 5 months and  3 days.

The upcoming leave is only in about two weeks time.  :o(
For now, though, I'm making plans.  Home improvement plans.  Hubby and I will do as much or as little as we like.

To do:

  1. Stain the coffee table
  2. Stain the tv unit
  3. Make a headboard
  4. Find comfortable pillows (possibly king size, hopefully)
  5. Find a way to put pictures in the bathroom
  6. Shop and find picture frames for bedroom
  7. Rearrange the clothes cupboard once added extra shelves
  8. Create a small vanity space in the bedroom
  9. Price guitar brackets to finally display on wall
  10. Get reference material for new painting in 3 parts
  11. Repaint the tables on the porch . . .  Orange?
  12. Replace the broken toilet roll holder
  13. Buy new curtain rods for the bedroom and install (will it be cheaper to make new under curtains rather than buying?)

Another thing hubby and I can't wait to do in our leave time . . .   # 24:  have a picnic.  This morning I suddenly remembered that I got this wicked recipe from my mum a few years back.  It's quick and oh so easy.  I'm very tempted to make these scones as soon as I find myself in the kitchen again.  The real joy about this recipe is that you should usually almost always have all the ingredients without having to run to the shops.

So (sew buttons), that's my list(s) so I shouldn't forget which exciting projects kept me from sleep.  And as a special treat to keep you wanting more, is the I'm-lazy-there's-nothing-in-the-fridge-have-something-to-nibble-on-microwave-scones.  Geez.  That's quite a mouthful.  Let's just call them the Mum's Microwave Cheese Scones.

* Note:  You can leave out the cheese if you want to.  Recipe makes 6 scones.

Mum's Microwave Cheese Scones:

  • 2 tablespoons margarine
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 1/2 cup of cheese (which you can leave out)
  • milk

Combine ingredients and add a little bit of milk.  The batter shouldn't be runny.  Remember to spray your microwave-scone-dish with Spray N Cook.  Cook the mixture on High for 2 and a halve to 3 minutes.  Let the scones cool off before removing them.  If it's slightly stuck use a teaspoon to scoop out the scones.  And voila!


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