I'm not just a photographer. I'm also a wife and mom of two boys, Odin and Leo. For the first 2 years of each boy's life, I wrote them a monthly note. This is Leo's.

My little big guy,

I can NOT believe I'm writing this. Happiest first birthday my little dude. We love you so so much!!! 

You're walking, crawling fast, talking and general busyness in the house. You say mom, mama, dada, sssssshhhhjjj (when I tell you to sjoes in the morning when we're still sleeping) and poo. :-)

You are such a delight. 

For your birhtday, ouma Gladys and I baked you a lion cake. You LOVED it!! Your granny Urs, ouma and oupa David came over for a braai with us. It was such fun! Granny Urs gave you fingerpaints, so you had to go for a bath mid-braai as Odin started to paint your head. It was a small gathering, but I think you loved being celebrated. We blew balloons, hung streamers and had a delicious delicious braai like just your daddy can.

I was surprised that you knew just how to open your presents. Odin enjoyed helping you and showed you how to play with your new toys and read you your new books. I love it when I find you guys in Odin's room reading. 

You've taken a real liking to Odin's tent in his room. If ever I can't find you, you're sitting there. You and your brother LOVE to hide in the tent when we play hide and seek. However, our hiding places get given away quickly with Lily and Poppy as they find whoever is hiding very quickly!

My guy, I can't believe you've been with us so long already. We love you SO. You're such a happy little man and we can't imagine our life without you. We all love you so so much. Happiest birthday mommy's little lion. 

Love you Leo'tjie.

PS I've been writing monthly notes to my boys since the beginning. Read Odin's here. I'm completely behind in blogging Leo's photo project, so I'll blog the previous month's notes as I get caught up. I wrote them, I just didn't edit the accompanying photos to go with it. So stay tuned for lots of cute little smiles.

PPS I'm a professional photographer who specialise in capturing pets and kids. Book me at hello@yellowlab.co.za if you'd like me to document your precious one(s) in photographs.