I'm not just a photographer. I'm also a wife and mom of two boys, Odin and Leo. For the first 2 years of each boy's life, I wrote them a monthly note. This is Leo's.

Mom's little blue-eyed boy,

How is it possible that you're 11 months!! Your next note you'll be 1 YEAR!

The cool things you're doing this month:

  • You're starting to stand by yourself. 
  • When Odin cries unnecessarily you shout at him like you're getting him to stop.
  • When you guys fight over toys you fight back! - I love to see that you have a will and opinion of your own!
  • You don't want to eat baby food or anything that looks like it's pureed. You've recently tried and loved chicken, fish and cheese!
  • You have 8 teeth!!
  • You and Odin had your first sleepover this past weekend. Mom and dad went to the Durban July, Poppy and Lily visited granny for a sleepover and you and Odin spent the two nights at ouma and oupa. You guys had so much fun! Things looked so calm when we arrived back, we think we need to let you have sleepovers more often ;-)
  • I need to start planning your birthday party and think what you'll be getting as your first birthday present. I'm so excited to make your lion cake and watch you dig into it!

Love you little big guy <3 <3 <3

PS I've been writing monthly notes to my boys since the beginning. Read Odin's here. I'm completely behind in blogging Leo's photo project, so I'll blog the previous month's notes as I get caught up. I wrote them, I just didn't edit the accompanying photos to go with it. So stay tuned for lots of cute little smiles.

PPS I'm a professional photographer who specialise in capturing pets and kids. Book me at hello@yellowlab.co.za if you'd like me to document your precious one(s) in photographs.