I'm not just a photographer. I'm also a wife and mom of two boys, Odin and Leo. For the first 2 years of each boy's life, I wrote them a monthly note. This is Leo's.

Mommy's little big guy.

You're the cutest little sweetest little baby brother ever.

You're pushing around chairs, push bikes and walkers and we think you're developing fast to catch up with Odin. All you guys want to do is play! Except, you guys don't always quite understand each other just yet ;-)

Odin loves to play with whatever is in your little hands and you get SO upset when he takes a toy from you! Lately you're throwing a little bit of a tantrum too when things don't go your way and while sitting, you'll put your head on the ground between your knees while crying loudly. Shame, I understand that you can get so sad but it's funny to watch. 

Another really funny thing recently was when Odin put his finger in your mouth and you bit him. It's funny because he's not supposed to be sticking his fingers in your mouth!

I can not believe that you're turning 1 in 2 short months. You're already saying "mum" and "mama". How did time go by so fast that I should be planning your birthday party already!

Mom's business is going well, so that means that I stop working at 4 in the afternoon. I pick up you and your brother up and we play until daddy gets home or until supper is ready. You're such a happy chappy.

I love your smile, your chuckle, when you and your brother laugh together and your chubby little thighs. It makes me sad that you're growing up but your daddy and I are excited to discover the person you will grow to be.

I love you my little 7 tooth cookie monster.

PS I've been writing monthly notes to my boys since the beginning. Read Odin's here. I'm completely behind in blogging Leo's photo project, so I'll blog the previous month's notes as I get caught up. I wrote them, I just didn't edit the accompanying photos to go with it. So stay tuned for lots of cute little smiles.

PPS I'm a professional photographer who specialise in capturing pets and kids. Book me at hello@yellowlab.co.za if you'd like me to document your precious one(s) in photographs.

This month I didn't manage to get photos of my little guy with the big camera, but there were lots of photos to choose from on my phone. How many times a day do you use your phone's camera?

Bonus: How to take great photos with your phone here ;-)