When you ask any artist or photographer about their favorite thing about their 'job' and almost all if not most will tell you that they get an absolute thrill seeing their work in print. And when it's not our own kids and it's your family whose story we're telling and knowing that our photographs bring you joy every day you use your mug and see the photograph of your baby in my old trusty steel bucket..... well, that's truly priceless when it fills my heart with warm fuzzies. We honestly love what we do here at Yellow Lab.

We believe that too many photographers only shoot-and-burn. That's one of the things that make Yellow Lab different. You're spending money on a photo shoot - we want you to have something tangible at the end of it to treasure, something to hold on to and show off to your children when they're bigger and they start asking about their childhood. We don't want your treasured memories to live in an album on Facebook in a digital realm. Can you imagine saying decades from now, I'll send you the link to grandma's baby photos?! That's why we print. Our basic package comes with a mug and 5 small prints. If you want to have your photoshoot and have canvasses made later, that's completely perfect with us too.

Here are some of the things we can print your family, newborn or pet photographs on. Everything is personalised and takes about a week from when your photographs have been edited. So if you're looking for a gift idea ;-) you have an idea about our turn around time.


Click on small pictures to make them bigger.

Take it to work to show off your beautiful family or order extra ones and have an entire set made.


Add extra quirkiness to your lounge or new baby's nursery with a cushion with a pet portrait on! 

Hardcover storybooks

For when you can't decide which photographs to have printed but you love them all and want to display and show them off on your coffeetable, aka a personalised hardcover coffeetablebook. These books can also be designed to leave space for messages should you wish to use it as a guestbook at your wedding. They can be used to document your pregnancy, a baby's gender reveal or to capture your family's once a year portrait session to see how each member has changed since last year.


We love that it's so easy to hang with a single nail in the wall. Use your photographs as art in your home to add your personal touch and really make it your own.

Prints for your own picture frames

These are one of our favorites for gift ideas for the grandparents. Or have a few different photos printed in different sizes to make a gallery wall.

PS do you like these products but haven't had a photo session with Yellow Lab yet? Email us at hello@yellowlab.co.za or get in touch on Facebook or Google+.

PPS When was the last time you had photographs printed?