Last year I wrote what I love about being a mom. This year has been much different cause now there's two of you! You've taught me quite a few things about motherhood and life. Here goes:

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Farts are funny!

You've taught me to be more fun and not take life too seriously. 

You've taught me that little dinosaurs in the kitchen window look amazing and a jar filled with plastic toy bugs in the kitchen window even better.

You've taught me that couch cushions are more fun on the floor. Where else would you jump to land on from the couch?

You've taught me to be less of a control freak and to let some things slide a little, relax and ultimately live more. Stickers look good on anything. No matter what I had in mind for your room. Now, I reckon we fill your room with things you love and it makes me happy to see. 

I've learnt that you can't be too precious about anything. Things break and clothes get paint on them. Crayons were meant for drawing, on things. I've learnt to hide the paint and crayons better ;-) so you only play with it under close supervision.

I've decided that noodles and yoghurt is a balanced diet. ;-)

You've taught me to stay calm in chaos. At times that you and your brother cry at the same time I tend to the one crying the loudest first.

I've eliminated multitasking but sometimes it's fjjjjjjjjj333333333kkkkslsa;a'r[[=dddlzxmcv2230dllllld; (ODIN stop pushing buttons, mommy's telling the world what a good boy you are and how good boys get ice cream ....where was 2349sdfjsdk (ODIN)....writing a story while they're both sitting on your lap makes writing anything a long, balancing act, where after 5 minutes you decide the best thing to do is to close the mac and go build a tower from lego or wooden blocks. 

If I don't get to something when you boys are at school, I'll get to it once you're asleep.

I've learnt that when you boys aren't behaving nicely a quick distraction is what we need. That usually ends up with DJ YouTube playing the same tune for the millionth time for our very own dance parties.

Dance parties are good for everyone. Both you boys LOVE to move and dance!

The best songs on youtube for dance parties are 


Another fantastic distraction I've discovered: Snapchat! Odin, you love to be the doggy or the panda face. (I'm @yellowlabstudio)

I've learnt the hard way that it is a bad idea to let you eat 2 boxes of smarties. It's super tough getting a toddler to stop bouncing off the walls!

I now know that having and raising kids is a full-time job. However, it's so important to make sure that your daddy and I make time for each other. The way to spend time is by sitting on the couch sharing the hidden away sweeties in the house ;-)

I can't believe that my heart can feel this big. It feels like it contains SO much love for my family. Watching dad play with you kids I can't help but to fall in love with him all over again. I hope you boys feel the love and belonging in your hearts as is in ours.

What can you relate to? What did your kid(s) teach you so far?

PS Hope you'll be spoilt rotten this Mother's day!

PPS All photographs taken by Yellow Lab. To have your own munchkins documented, email me at for our packages and available dates.