I'm a mom of two boys, Odin and Leo. For the first 2 years of each boy's life, I write them a monthly note. This is Leo's.

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My little guy

You are the cutest, sweetest little five tooth smiley boy I know. You are the happiest, friendliest little guy in town.

You are on the move and crawl super fast! Someone always needs to have a close eye on you as your little head often gets bumped! Tables, walls, doors, you name it! Now that you're standing up on EVERYTHING the job of keeping an eye on you has become even more important!

The latest, at night, when we've put you in your cot, you stand up on the side of it, and when we come into the room to check up on you, you laugh and laugh and laugh. We know you think you're hilarious. It's the funniest!

When you're not showing your great little sense of humor, you're quite talkative and easily voice yourself with an 'aaaargh', especially if your big brother Odin tries to hurt you. It is the cutest that you're fighting back and telling him to back off.

You boys don't always fight though. There are small glimpses in time where the two of you play really nicely next to each other. Last night in the bath was one of those times. Odin made a funny face and you giggled so hard I could tell you're laughing from your stomach. Odin laughed when you giggled. You boys went back and forth laughing a couple of times. It was golden. I wish I could bottle the moments like that.

You love Lily and Poppy. I'm starting to feel like there might be a different, closer kind of bond between you and Lily. I feel like you'll be more gentle to Lil than Odin is and that you guys will be great pals. Other than her stealing biscuits or treats from your little hand.

You love going to your day mother Annetjie too. You're waving in the cutest way when Odin and I drop you off in the morning. (Odin gets dropped off at school after you.)

You've changed from a little baby into a little dude in what feels like overnight. I'm starting to say "mum, mama, mum" to you in the hope that your first word will be 'mum'. (Your brother's first was 'ball', and I'll have none of that this time ;-)) Problem is, dad is now trying to get you to say 'dada'. Odin tells you: "Say mum Leotjie". At this rate your first words will be 'stop it guys!'

Little man, stay as happy as you are. 

Your entire family loves you and your chubby little body to bits. Love you so much I can just squish and hug and kiss you.



PS I've been writing monthly notes to my boys since the beginning. Read Odin's here. I'm completely behind in blogging Leo's photo project, so I'll blog the previous month's notes as I get caught up. I wrote them, I just didn't edit the accompanying photos to go with it. So stay tuned for lots of cute little smiles.

PPS I'm a professional photographer who specialise in capturing pets and kids. Book me at hello@yellowlab.co.za if you'd like me to document your precious one(s) in photographs.

Do you regularly photograph your kids with notes of special moments you want to remember?

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