I'm not just a photographer. I'm also a wife and mom of two boys, Odin and Leo. For the first 2 years of each boy's life, I wrote them a monthly note. This is Leo's.

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My little guy

You've stolen our hearts and we can't remember a time you weren't here. You're the cutest little character. We love you so.

You and your brother are starting to get a long and play together. It makes my heart melt whenever you guys do.

You love to make funny sounds with your mouth and we make those 'fart' sounds where you put your tongue betweeen your lips and blow air out your mouth right back at you. 

You are on the move! You're not rolling around anymore but full on crawling. 

You've also discovered the girls. When you're in your walker you like to go up to them and reach them untill you can touch their hair.

When I drop you off in the mornings at ouma Annetjie's, your daymother, I see just how much you love to be there. She holds you and tickles you and you just about fall into her neck with your little arms around her.

You know what? Mommy quit her desk job this month, so from next month, I'll be growing our photography business. It means a lot more work/ shoots over weekends, but I'll have flexibility on my side. If you guys get sick I'll be able to take care of you. When you have extra mural activities in the aafternoon, I'd be able to be there when you need me. You'll still go to your daymother and Odin to school, because mommy now needs to get work done from home. Now more than ever. BUT depending on how busy I am, I'll fetch you boys earlier in the afternoon so we can play and have quality time before the mad rush to get supper sorted and you boys bathed.

Cutie, you're getting big so quickly. Your little legs are really chubby and your clothes seem much smaller than I expected. You are loving your porridge and fruit purity we're feeding you. It's too funny - we took a video of Odin feeding you where he says "Leotjie, have some. Have some Leotjie."

Little dude, happy 7 months. We're delighted you're ours! 



PS I've been writing monthly notes to my boys since the beginning. Read Odin's here. I'm completely behind in blogging Leo's photo project, so I'll blog the previous month's notes as I get caught up. I wrote them, I just didn't edit the accompanying photos to go with it. So stay tuned for lots of cute little smiles.

PPS I'm a professional photographer who specialise in capturing pets and kids. Book me at hello@yellowlab.co.za if you'd like me to document your precious one(s) in photographs.

Do you regularly photograph your kids with notes of special moments you want to remember?