Coralee and I started planning the date for her baby's gender reveal party since last year December. However, baby had other plans.... When Coralee and David were supposed to find out from the gynae if their little one is a boy or a girl, the little one wasn't cooperation. (Funny how they can have their own little minds at that young age and not even born yet ;-))

Anyway, after rescheduling a few times after work engagements, and then their photographer wasn't available, the whole family minus one was available for the party. Her dad skyped from Canada when they cut the cake to find out whether they're welcoming a little girl or boy.

Click on the small photo to view bigger to find out......

I love all of Coralee's ideas she and her family implemented for the gender reveal party. Their gynae wrote "girl" in an envelope (without the parents-to-be knowing) which Coralee gave to the baker to make a cake with either a pink or blue inside.

Different family members each choose to wear a blue or pink dummy depending on what they suspected she's having. Some of he ladies even painted their nails pink or blue depending on their guess. 

Coralee, you and David are going to be the best of parents to Maya. I'm so happy for you! 

PS Here's photos from a boy's gender reveal we documented ;-)

Tell me, did you wait for baby to be born to find out his/ her gender, if not, did you have a special party to reveal to family members the sex of baby or how did you break the happy news?