Our family LOVES Oreos.

We could have them for breakfast, lunch, supper AND dessert.

We love to eat them in secret and sometimes even love to share them with each other.

Odin loves to ask for "Orea" and will even have one if he's half asleep and fall asleep with it in his mouth. We're convinced little Leo got his 3rd and 4th teeth just to be able to eat them with us.

{Click on image for larger view.}

BUT, and here's why we 'hate' it.

They're finished SO quickly....! I received some in a goody bag at the #jozimeetup with SA Mom Blogs and by the time I knew how I wanted to do an Oreo photo shoot, the cookies were finished!! They were ALL gone!! And I had to go out to buy more. :-(

There's also the obvious fact that eating all these cookies might not be good for our clothes size if we gobble up a BIG 429 grams of Oreos in one sitting ;-) They taste so good, it's such a mindless little addiction and before you know it the BOX is finished?!

PS Did you know, Oreo is running an amazing competition where you can win a trip for your family of four to New York! It's pretty cool! All you have to do to enter, is sms the last five digits of your barcode of a 176 or 429 gram box of Oreos to 40185. You can also enter online.

If you're planning on entering good luck! Tell me, does your family love Oreo's as much as us? 

Sidenote: This post has photographic evidence of Poppy 'stealing' one during the photo session. This was an accident. Our labs don't get human food* and got their own doggy treats while posing with the Oreo's.

*Unless of course the kids feed it to them and I have my back turned :-P

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